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Tracking and analyzing data in order to make effective choices.

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Target-driven, refined, and purposeful services.

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Insights & Analytics

Analyzing various customer acquisition channels for best solutions.

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Boost audience information for better segmentation and targeting.

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A/B Testing

Split testing strategies are the most powerful keys for understanding your customers and increasing their conversion rates.

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Simplicity & Functionality

Simplify goals by determining which products and services are more valuable for your business.

Landing Pages, Product Pages, Blogs

Optimize for performance, not volume and experiment with several campaigns for each marketing initiative.

Posts, Videos and Rich Medias

Content is powerful trigger of interaction in a customer-centric marketing view with relevance, consistency and mutual/connected value for your audiences and your company at the center.


Define micro-segments based on past customer behavior —such as observing product / service purchases over a period of time, price changes, response to incentives, location and many others— to create more relative contents, products, ads for more effective and creative marketing campaigns.

Customization & Personalization

Personalize your content (e.g. e-mails, site pages, landing pages) for best acquisition channels and increase your product & service interactions.

User Events (View, Click, Scroll etc.)

Track your customer interactions to understand what they are looking for, how they look for it and how they decide to purchase your products and services.

Micro Conversions

Divide your bigger objectives into small, achievable goals and compare them all in designing the best roadmap to increase your sales and grow your business.

Text Mining and Analytics

Start collecting feedback (heatmaps, text events, customer queries based on site search and search engines) and use the data to create a powerful content strategy.

Content Insights

Share personalized contents for each channel and compare analyses and results for effective and brand new strategies.

Content Audit

Try different content-types (e.g. text, message, image, audio, video) to get more attractions and define micro-conversions to increase your website/application events.

Cross-Channel User Tracking

Integrate web analytics and CMS with your CRM system for digital remarketing and collaborative sessions.

Universal Analytics

The Measurement Protocol (UA) enables you to send events from a non web-based system, including a native mobile application or a batch process.

Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Depending on the scope and potential impact of the journey or experience you are mapping, and the richness of the data you have available to you, the hypothesis journey map might be all you need.

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